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Katherine the Great! My Spiritual Guru and right hand…
— Peter Beard, American artist, photographer, diarist and raconteur
I have been fortunate enough to work with Katherine over the course of the last two decades. Our collaborations have taken on many different forms and each one of them have been extraordinarily fruitful. Whether it was from a creative standpoint, a business standpoint, or a combination of the two- Katherine is a force of nature and a sheer delight to work with
— Judith Puckett-Rinella President, Photo Director at Large Entrepreneur Magazine
Katherine and I were immediately drawn together with similar interests pertaining to the Arts.  I so enjoyed our visionary conversations, working on creative projects together, and our brainstorming sessions. It was only natural that I ask Katherine to take on the role of President of the Renaissance Women of Charleston.
In addition to her creative accomplishments and her enthusiastic outlook, Katherine has proven her leadership ability by organizing many artistic endeavors within this group, showing great vision and dedication.
— Frank Conrad Russen, Director at Principle Gallery: Charleston
Working with Katherine at KL Creative was a wonderful experience. Using her keen eye and professional understanding, she raised my web presence to a whole new level. We were able to accomplish some great results in a very short time frame. Could not be happier!
— David Rinella, photographer
I worked with Katherine recently at Girl Scout workshop. Our goal was to arm girls with cameras and knowledge and to send them into nature ready to snap well- constructed shots! It was a huge success. Katherine is a true professional. She knows her craft and has a great talent for working with youth. The girls love talking with her and getting extra advice and learning new ways to see their world. What a treasure!
— Kymberly Miller, Program Manager, Girls Scouts of Northern California
Despite our students emotional and learning challenges, Katherine Leonard was able to quickly win their respect and adoration. With their trust, she exposed her pupils to a new world of artistic self-expression. Providing our boys with healthy forms of expression, in my opinion, is the key to positive therapeutic and behavioral intervention. The photographs produced by the students, quite simply, are beautiful!
— Michael Gardner, former Program Manager, Timothy Murphy School, San Rafael