Katherine Leonard, M.S.

Katherine Leonard, owner of KL Creative, has worked as a brand consultant, agent, producer and editor for 25+ years with high level art and commercial projects from New York, LA, Paris, London, San Francisco, and Charleston, SC.

What sets KL apart is a finely honed aesthetic, gleaned from decades of working with enormous talents in the Arts from non-profit to for profit, in the classical performing arts, photography, and related Arts. Nothing is overlooked from the Discovery process to launch. Creating a unique, one-on-one, personal experience for all of her clients with exacting standards of quality, is what sets KL Creative apart.

Today Katherine Leonard, KL Creative’s driving force, skillfully guides photographers, artists and small brands in the authentic process of refining their creative focus and brand outreach; from curating images for websites and portfolios, to planning and producing photography and video shoots, exhibits and designated projects. 



Peter Beard

Taryn Simon

Jim Krantz

Gentl & Hyers

Greg Miller

Anders Overgaard

Michael George

Aaron Kodz

Caroline Knopf

Jason Pietra

Norman Jean Roy

Michael Lavine

Brown Cannon III

Ellen Silverman

JP Greenwood

George Pitts

Gerald Forster

Dan Borris

David Rinella

France Ruffenach

Dan Borris

Jeff Riedel

Michael Williams

Geno Di Maria

James McGavick

Alice Keeney

Jason Ogden

Nickie Stone

Amanda Nizhoni

Kenton Robertson


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