Katherine Leonard, M.S.


What sets KL Creative apart is a finely honed aesthetic and exacting standards of quality, carefully developed through 20+ years of working on high level art and fashion projects in New York City, San Francisco and now Charleston, SC.

KL Creative uses an intuitive approach to creative problem-solving, coupled with a no-nonsense ability to focus on the client goals at hand, while keeping a careful eye on the budget.  

Katherine Leonard, KL Creative's driving force, skillfully guides photographers, artists and small brands in the authentic process of refining their business focus; from curating images for websites and portfolios, to brainstorming on worthy collaborations, and planning exhibits and special projects.

Now with scouting, locations and local production services for brands coming to Charleston, KL Creative offers a wide roster of properties, ranging from iconic and well-known Charleston landmarks, to the undiscovered and stunningly beautiful privately held homes and estates!


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